Why Roofers Should Consider Using Insurance

As a roofer and roofing contractor, you’re well aware of the potential risks you face every day. All it takes is one fall from a ladder or roof to leave you with severe injuries that can compromise your ability to work and earn a living.


There are also risks such as damage to equipment or property or possible injury to a subcontractor or employee. This may happen in any construction project involving home additions and improvement. Therefore, investing in insurance coverage to protect yourself or your company assets is important to securing the future of your business against serious financial consequences.

Here are more reasons as to why all roofers, whether they are a residential or commercial roofing contractor should consider having a roofing insurance cover.


The Risk of an Employee Getting Injured

Nearly 50 roofers lose their lives annually from work-related accidents. If they’re lucky not to die, roofers usually sustain injuries that limit their ability to work. To prepare in advance, roofing companies need to have a compensation insurance plan for employees including each roofing contractor to cover any medical costs that might accrue as a result of an injury when working. The employees may also consult their own construction accident attorney for any and all legal advice should complaints or charges were to be filed.


Workers’ compensation also pays wages missed if the employee couldn’t work because they were injured as well as funeral and death compensation if the worker was to die. You can check them out here and learn why it is important to have the right roofing insurance. But perhaps the most significant benefit of roofing insurance for companies is the possibility of avoiding legal implications from the worker if they were to sue the company for lost wages or medical costs.

When dealing with this workers’ compensation, it’s important for the employee to have the professional assistance of a trustworthy workers compensation lawyer so he can receive the compensation that he deserves in the first place.

The Risk of Property Getting Damaged

By virtue of the fact that roofing involves construction means homes are highly vulnerable to damage. There’s a chance that a roofing project like commercial roof construction will involve materials like installing shingle roofing being  thrown down from roofs or frequent movement up and down ladders.


According to professionals like Four Seasons Kanga Roof, there are many things that can go wrong during a roof replacement or maintenance project. Even highly skilled and professional roofers can make errors that might lead to damaging accidents. With insurance coverage, roofing companies will avoid themselves and the client from footing the bill in the event of property damage. Make sure that you carefully pick your chosen roofers just like these Carolina Home Specialists before starting your roofing project to avoid any hassle.


The Risk of the Client Being Injured

It’s not just roofers who can get hurt from roofing accidents. The client or any party related to the client can also be the victim of an accident during the roofing project.


For instance, the client or their kids could step outside the house when a roof shingle falling toward the ground hits them, causing severe injury. Roofing companies and should have professional liability insurance to protect them from the financial and legal consequences of such an event.


If You Stay Ready, You Won’t Have to Get Ready


The truth is residential and commercial roofing project is not the safest job if not done professionally. No one knows what will happen and you need to be fully prepared for any accident or liability by getting roofing insurance. You can find more info about residential and commercial roofing here.

However, before paying for roofing insurance, you need to put some factors into consideration such as the policy cover cost, the financial abilities of the insurer, and the state of its customer service. People always like to hire the best roofing professionals like those commercial roofers so make sure you are covered and have what it takes to do the job.


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