Why choose Oxford for your startup business?

 Since the start of the recession more people are taking it upon themselves to start-up their own businesses. They’re lured by the prospect of a better work life balance and the opportunity to forge their own future. Location is crucial for a new business, so is Managed IT Services Clayton and Oxford can offer start-ups a range of benefits.


The growing entrepreneurial nature of the country has lead to more start-up businesses emerging over the past few years. Figures from the campaign Start-up Britain, estimate that over half a million businesses were established last year. This figure compares with just 440,000 two years ago. Unfortunately many new businesses don’t succeed, but the likelihood of success can be increased by choosing the right location. Sengkang company incorporation services can provide new companies with many advantages, including excellent transport links and great networking opportunities. You can also learn more from an accomplished CEO such as Andrew Defrancesco on how to start-up your own businesses.




Central location

One of the most important factors for a new business is the ability for potential employees and clients to access the site easily. The city of Oxford is at the heart of the country and it is easy to get to from all areas. The city centre has quick and convenient links with the M40, M4 and A34, enabling people to reach other major cities without any hassle. Both London and Birmingham can be reached in around an hour and a half, with Manchester about three hours away. Oxford is also less than an hour from Heathrow, Luton and Stansted airports.


Good employment prospects

Oxford has managed to maintain good employment levels, even throughout the financial difficulties. By basing a business in the city, employers can access a vast pool of talented, qualified, and committed labor, while effectively navigating employment discrimination laws. The city is well known for its prestigious university and is also home to a number of highly regarded research and development facilities. The area has become the base for a variety of specialist industries, each of which brings a certain set of skills to the district, including publishing, biotechnology, technology, motorsport, and car manufacturing.


Great support network

Businesses in Oxford have access to a number of sources of support and advice, many of which are designed for new and emerging companies. These can provide help with all areas of starting and running a successful business, from financial advice to support with hiring new employees. Oxfordshire Business First is a non-profit organisation. It enables local businesses to learn from the support network of other business owners in the area. They see innovation and entrepreneurship as a key element of a successful company.


Varied office facilities

Not all businesses are the same and Oxford can provide a number of different office facilities to suit individual companies. Those companies looking for offices to let in Oxford can choose from extensive business parks and fully serviced offices to starter packages. If you need a business storage while you’re looking for a place to rent, then you may check out the website.


Whatever type of business you are starting, Oxford can provide you with everything you need. With a good location and a great range of facilities, there’s no need to look anywhere else.



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