What Should I Do to Make a Claim for an Injury or Accident at Work?

UntitledAll employers in the UK have a legal duty to protect the health, safety and welfare of their staff while they are at work zone. If an employee has repetitive motion injuries because the employer fails to comply and is negligent, the injured party is entitled to claim compensation. But many of you are not aware of this fact.

Some victims of accidents at work hold back on making a claim because they do not want to upset their boss.  This should not be the case though, as the boss will put the claim to their employer’s liability insurance and it will not cost them a penny. This is very helpful for all the people who are in need of this type of compensation. Humans aren’t the only one who can get hurt physically, mentally and emotionally, pets can too. If you’re a pet owner, go to Observer now to learn more.

Some employers encourage their staff to make a claim if they have been injured in an accident at work station that was not their fault, because they have been paying the insurance premiums for many years and this could be the first claim that has ever been made against the policy.

Other employers try to make life very difficult for the victim and any witnesses, but this is actually illegal and if your employer treats you in this way after making a claim against them, you would have a case for an employment tribunal, and the use of a lawyer is essential for this, and you can visit Midwest Trial Lawyers to get help in injury cases.

Talk to your employer – helps to get the compensation quickly

Obviously, your employer will be aware of the slip and fall accident that has happened to you, but you need to make them aware that you will be claiming compensation, with the help of a slip and fall injury lawyer.  This will come much better from you than them first hearing it from the law firm you have chosen to act on your behalf. Of course, you would still need the help of the workers compensation lawyer boston ma for your case.

Talk to the witnesses – effective way to get the compensation

When you need to make a claim for an injury or accident at work, you should talk to anyone that witnessed the accident to see if they are prepared to act as a witness in your personal injury claim.  Some will agree, but others will be too bothered about their job to get involved. It is always better to have a snap of the accident zone, because this will greatly help you to get the claim in an easy manner.

Talk to a reputable law firm

Most victims start their claim by completing the questions on a compensation calculator or online claim form. The response from either of these is a call from an expert workers compensation law advisor who will talk through the finer details of your accident and injuries. You can call on a trusted personal injury law firm in Miami too, to understand every aspect related to the case.  According to Mike Morse Injury Law Firm in Southfield MI, there will be several questions they need to ask you before applying for a claim such as:

·         Can you confirm that the accident was not your fault?

·         Were you injured in the accident?

·         Did you have to seek medical attention for your injuries?

·         Did the accident happen within the last three years?

·         What are the details of the responsible party?

·         Are there any that are witnesses prepared to help?

·         Do you have a medical report on your injuries?

·         What are your prospects of a full recovery?

·         Is there a Health and Safety Executive report?

·         Have you had to spend any extra money because of the accident?

·         Have you needed time off work and lost earnings because of the accident?

Once the advisors have all the answers they want, they will be able to start the processes of your personal injury compensation claim, before that make sure that he or she has handled these types of cases in the past, because if he or she is new to the field, it is quite difficult to get the compensation, so avoid selecting a new advisor for you. As for employers, we suggest to implement work injury prevention programs in the workplace in order to avoid these claims in the future. 



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