The Top Four Things to Use to Boost Your Sales in 2019

Promotional merchandise is the best secret weapon most business owners use to be able to increase the market demand for their products or services. It’s a cost-effective way to garner a broader market share since it can help the business in many ways. In addition, you may want to take a different approach with your sales strategy to adapt to the new trends. If you want your sales team to learn new sales skills, why not try these out?

For one, promotional merchandise like Branded umbrellas can attract attention. Two, promotional merchandise is a useful tool to market a corporate identity or a specific branding. Three, it can lead to becoming a top-of-mind product. Four, it encourages good customer relations and increases customer retention. Lastly, it makes great giveaways and freebies during events, tradeshows and sales calls so get your Sales tags ready so you can start bringing in customers.

Down below, we have compiled the top four things you can use as promotional merchandise through screen printing that can surely be the game changer for your business:   


T-shirts are a no-brainer. These are one of the most common things that business owners go for, to boost their sales. There are many designs you can come up with to help your business growth. You can put your logo design on it. You can also print out puns that are connected to your branding. You can choose to go for seasonal designs such as Christmas the med T-shirts or company anniversary T-shirts. As long as it is well within the theme of your business, it’s going to be perfect.

T-shirt printing in Liverpool is easy. Just make sure you already have the design ready before approaching a print shop.


Lanyards are small but useful things to use as your promotional merchandise; especially if you have it designed well – people will love to use it.


Get your customers to take your brand home with them. You can use mugs to boost your sales because a mug is a great object that people will be able to use often. Just make sure that it has a beautiful and unique design so that people will be encouraged to keep it in their possession. You can also personalise it as much as you can. You can request a differently shaped mug. It can, for example, be square-shaped rather than a circle-shaped cup. You can also choose to change the size so that it isn’t a typical mug you can find in stores. It is entirely up to you how you want to go about it.

Canvas Bag

Canvas bags are becoming the next big thing as the world becomes eco-friendlier than in previous generations. We can see people reducing plastic use and choosing canvas bags as an alternative. Hence, you should jump on this opportunity and produce personalised canvas bags. A side benefit of this is that you get to show that your company also cares for the environment and is taking extra steps to reduce the carbon footprint we leave in the world.

These are the top four things you can use to be able to boost your company’s sales. Investing in any of these things or even health products like True Pheromones will surely make a huge difference.


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