The Benefits of Recognizing Employees

Although many companies employ great workers who are the backbone of their companies, oftentimes they go unrecognized by management. If that is the case, then these employees tend to become dissatisfied, and often end up leaving the organization shortly thereafter. To prevent this, companies should consider different ideas for employee recognition to make sure that employees feel as though the company that they work for is both aware and is willing to celebrate their achievements – particularly if they consistently go the extra mile. Here are some of the benefits of doing so.

Curtail Employee Turnover


As stated above, an employee that feels as though they toil in obscurity is also one that will quickly look for new opportunities. Making it known that you recognize their hard work, and also that you will reward them for their achievements, is a good indicator that your organization is a good one to work for. As reported by Forbes, “79 percent of people who quit their jobs cite ‘lack of appreciation’ as their reason for leaving.” As such, making sure that you adequately show appreciation for your employees is a key factor in reducing employee turnover, which can prove costly if you have to find a replacement in a pinch.


Increase Employee Happiness and Trust


While gaining the trust of your employees can be difficult, maintaining employee trust is doubly so. Doing so requires you to not only recognize your employees’ achievements, but not blame them for their mistakes. If an employee makes a mistake, it’s likely that either personal problems or managerial issues are to blame. As such, the best way to truly recognize your employees is to recognize what is going on in your organization, and why the workflow exists in the way it does. If needed, you may want to address your own management style and tactics, and not make your employees feel diminished in any way. In addition to this, you can recognize your employees by recognizing personal issues and achievements in their life – from marriage, to having children, to the death of a loved one. By recognizing these issues – and announcing and celebrating them within the workplace – you’ll prove to your employees that you care about their well-being and are personally invested in them, thereby making them want to stay at your company.

Investing in Professional Development to Increase Organizational Productivity

One of the best ways to recognize the skills and achievements of your employees is to help them hone it through professional. Perhaps you have a marketing professional within your organization that handles social media who has expressed an interest in SEO or another marketing channel. If that is the case, it would be wise to find out what other areas of expertise your employees are interested in learning, and buying courses or giving them a professional budget they can use to help fund their learning. By doing so, you’ll be showing your employees that you want them to develop their skillset beyond their basic job description, and that you want to see them grow not just in their usefulness to you, but also in general. Helping employees become more broadly competent will help them feel recognized and valued, and will also increase their productivity in the workplace.

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