The Basics of Divorce Law

According to divorce lawyers the state of Arizona uses the no-fault divorce standards to do Marriage Dissolution. As long as your marriage is at the irretrievable stage, you can file an annulment or divorce lawsuit at the nearest superior court, through the help of a >family divorce attorney from places like People under covenant marriage will need to prove the reasons for them seeking a divorce. For guidance on your case visit

Some of the reasons that can warrant a marriage dissolution include adultery, abandonment, physical abuse or regular substance abuse. Such things embarrass not only the spouse but also the children. You must have been staying in Arizona for at least 90 days for you to file a divorce petition. Check for more details and guides about divorce in Arizona. 

Hiring one of those reliable divorce attorneys to represent you is an important decision. Not all lawyers understand narcissistic abuse or the behaviors that might be expected in a divorce. However, they do understand a high conflict divorce situation, you can learn questions to ask a narcissist from

What to Do After Petition

There are various forms you will need to have after you file a petition with the help of your  divorce lawyer. The petition is just but an explanation of your request for divorce and your demands. Summon, preliminary injunction and Notice to creditors are some of the forms you need to fill before you serve your petition to your spouse.

All these forms must be signed by the superior court judge in order for the case to proceed forward. Once all documents are completed, which should be within 120 days after the petition is filed, you can then serve the petition to your respondent. Your divorce attorney or divorce lawyer should be helping you prepare all the necessary forms and documents.

Serving the Petition to Your Spouse

According to family and personal injury lawyers in Porter County, serving the petition can either be done by you, or it can be done by police where need be. There are professional petition servers who can collect your papers and professionally deliver them to your respondent. If you are looking for a reliable divorce lawyer, you can check out my response for the best. Your spouse will then give an affidavit of service to acknowledge receipt of the petition and other documents.

This does not mean that your spouse has given in to your demands. Depending on your demands and whether the spouse like them or not, the spouse may or may not contest. If the spouse agrees then no contest will be filled so the marriage dissolution will not take long, only 60 to 90 days.

Alimony in Arizona

Spousal maintenance may be warranted if one spouse is not capable of providing for him or herself. According to theses marriage statistics the couple may agree in writing on how they would like to provide for the one in need. In case the agreement is biased, the court steps in to make the final decision. Some of the reason that may make a court to order alimony include:

  • Lack of employment to generate sufficient income
  • If your spouse stayed in the marriage for long to the extent finding a job is impossible due to old age
  • Property that will need maintenance even after the divorce

Alimony can be awarded as long as your divorce lawyer can prove that your spouse needs financial help.

Property Division

According to a divorce lawyer is a community property state meaning any property that was acquired during your marriage will be divided. Marital misconduct is not considered during the division of property.

For property acquired before marriage, a percentage of its returns may be deducted to cater for child support. The inherited property, the property you acquired before marriage and private property not comingled cannot be divided or shared. Find your next legal firm through this website and get in contact for your divorce.

Child support and child custody will also be agreed. If both parties are fighting for full custody, make sure that you have an accomplished child custody lawyer or a mediate family law expert on your side. Many parents could have issues with separation and some may even suffer from parental alienation syndrome after divorce. Custodial parents will have the final say on children’s welfare, but both parents can discuss children’s’ demands.

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