How to Make Your Office More Secure this Winter

Spring may be on its way but the evenings are still dark and the mornings gloomy – your office space is vulnerable to intruders during the winter when there are fewer people on the streets and less visibility. Not only should you do HVAC maintenance for your office space since wintertime is sometimes harsh on your unit (visit sties like to hire a professional) if a heating repair is needed contact Better Choice Heating & Air Conditioning (for Heating Repair, but now is also a great time to review your security arrangements and make sure your Custom Office Space is as safe as it can be. This could be the best time to hire unarmed security guards from a security patrol services company to monitor the premises of your business property.  It is much easier to spend time and a little money fixing problems now than a lot of time and even more money sorting things out after a break-in. Here are four key ways to make your business as difficult as possible for intruders to gain entry to – and as safe as possible for you and your employees.


Guests and Access

All guests and visitors should be registered at reception before entering the workplace, then accompanied at all times when in the building. Make a large space available for guests to wait before you can escort them to the meeting rooms or the interview rooms. Never leave the reception area unattended if there is open access to the street. If you have a part-time receptionist then consider an intercom entry or an audible entry bell. Never prop the entry door open for deliveries or when no one is around to let in visitors. And keep delivery personnel to the area in reception. Have the items distributed around the building by your own staff – don’t allow the delivery staff free access to the premises. If you’re planning to buy office furniture for your office, check my site.

Monitoring and Surveillance

Keep an eye on all doors and windows and take note of any damage – fix broken locks immediately. If staff report problems to you, don’t wait to fix the security issue and get a new Commercial Overhead Door Installation so you are sure that there will be no intrusion. Similarly, if someone reports suspicious activity or actions that are out of the ordinary then pay attention and don’t ignore the matter. Consider installing a fully integrated security system to protect your premises and its contents. Monitored security systems are the best for an office with expensive computer equipment and other sensitive equipment and information. A monitored system allows you to check the situation at the office even when you are not on the premises – you will be notified by phone of any potential problem and you can also log-in remotely to check the security status of the premises. If you already have a security system, make sure it is still meeting your needs. Consider upgrades if you have bigger premises or you need more comprehensive security coverage. Hiring private security services would also be wise so you’ll have security personnel doing regular rounds which will discourage criminals to attempt break-ins. 

Parking Areas

It is crucial to have a safe, well-lit parking area, particularly when staff arrive and leave in the dark, learn more on how to choose the best commercial parking lot lights for your parking area. Install security cameras and make sure the area is free of bushes or trees that could provide a hiding place for a criminal. You may also install some security barricades like the ones at Protogetic for additional protection. If you have a large business, make sure the entry to the car park is properly maintained with key-card entry or a lockable gate. 

Information and Databases

Shred all old documents and have the waste removed as soon as possible. Make sure your computer virus protection and security systems are up-to-date and fully functional. Keep an inventory for insurance purposes of all your equipment and your software.  Viruses can slow down personal computers to a crawl, and make working on them practically impossible. This can cause a lot of wasted time for your employees, and can often bring your entire business to a standstill.

Globally, the number of cyberattacks doubled in 2017 according to the Online Trust Alliance (OTA), a subsidiary of the Internet Society, a decades-old global non-profit that promotes the open development, evolution, and use of the Internet. In Canada alone, Statistics Canada revealed that Canadian businesses had spent $14 billion on cybersecurity in 2017, and more than one in five Canadian companies say they were hit by a cyberattack that year and now they try to prevent it using a vpn for torrenting.

Organizations of all sizes, in virtually every industry on earth, were hit by cyberattacks. From shipping giant Maersk, to the ride sharing giant Uber, all the way to Equifax, a credit rating agency regarded as one of the largest holders of private customer data in the world. The biggest advantage is that the best in IT security cyber security solutions can provide comprehensive digital protection to your business. This will allow your employees to surf the internet as and when they need, and ensure that they aren’t at risk from potential threats.

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