How People Counting Systems Can Increase Sales

Increase Sales

People counting systems can tell you more than just how many people walk through your store’s front doors. With more intelligent reporting, new technology has given systems the ability to track customer behavior and give you valuable feedback that can help you increase sales. Before you plan your next marketing campaign, take the following points into account so you can get the most out of your store’s traffic flow.

Increase SalesOptimize Your Staffing

While more and more stores are operating with a lean staff presence on the sales floor, there are some areas of your store that require more of a presence than others. Without a clear view of the traffic patterns in your store, it may be difficult to identify where you need the most staffing. People counters can tell you where customers are spending the most time, without actually making purchases, for more information you can read the recent survey by showcase idx which looked at the top marketing trends for agents in Bright MLS. By improving the staffing levels in these areas, you can offer the right amount of assistance to convert casual browsers to buying customers.

Increase Traffic to Promotional Displays

Your promotional displays will likely feature high-margin merchandise that you are trying to promote. While placing this merchandise in a high-visibility area of your store might seem like the best approach, doing so may not give you the sales results you want. By reviewing the traffic patterns in your store using people counters, you can see how many people are stopping to look at your promotional displays.

Improve Merchandising Strategies

People counting systems can give you instant feedback about how people respond to your merchandising. Customer needs vary by neighborhood, city, and region of the country, so strategies that work in one area may be ineffective where your store is located.  By collecting data on traffic patterns, you can get a sense of which items need to be more prominent or require the most real estate in your store.

Streamline the Checkout Process

Customers will walk away when they see a line of three or more people at a register. By examining traffic flow and customer behavior, you can improve the checkout experience and create a selling environment that encourages shoppers to complete more purchases in your store.

Understand Your Customers

People counting technology has come a long way, and it can provide you with valuable insights that you can compare to your sales figures to get a clear idea of where people spend the most time in your store, where sales generate from, and how people respond to your merchandising strategies. Understanding the customer is the most important aspect of increasing sales, and you will be able to know your core customer better when you use these analytics tools.


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