How IT Can Help Improve Your Customer Service

According to an American Express Survey, 78 percent of consumers abandon on a transaction or don’t make a purchase due to poor customer service. When a business pays for marketing to acquire those customers, the subsequent loss is even greater, putting more of an emphasis on the importance of effective communication and strong customer service.

With today’s fourth industrial revolution businesses should pay attention to their customer services more than ever. This is why you should hire experts similar to SEO author Damon Burton and if you hire them, you have to implement their recommendations.

Traditionally, the quality of your customer services depends on the strength of hiring initiatives and a focus on training and development within the organization. Whilst this is still the case, modern technology allows you to augment these steps with additional knowledge and capabilities, making the role of customer service representatives easier.

To demonstrate this point, below you can read about four simple ways managed IT services vancouver can help improve your customer service and once done visit the next link about a leased line comparison site.

Know the Customers

The marketing department knows and understands the customers, but this information needs to be shared with the IT leaders who are creating unified communications channels for the business. Keeping the IT department up-to-date with demographics helps them target the appropriate method that people prefer to use when connecting with a company.

Empower Customer Service Agents

Connecting the shipping information and other databases to customer service information portals allows them to be up-to-the-minute with important data that customers demand. The IT department should integrate sales and customer service into a system that is easily accessible by everyone. IT needs to work with customer service to see how they are using applications so that the efficiency of technology can be improved by giving agents the information they need at every stage of the process. Visit Polygon #BUIDLIT Hackathon – Funfair for the latest technology and blockchain strategies.

Use the Website

Customers want information. They want quick website response. While the IT department may not understand what is important to the customers, they have the knowledge to make the website search engine friendly. Creating an efficient website similar to the ones at that meets the needs of the customer saves time and keeps the customer coming back to get more information is an advantage. Design a website that is user-friendly and marketing-friendly. You can get more information about IT, ORM or even marketing by hiring a professional Andrew Defrancesco.

Listen to Customers

Customers know what they want when they shop with a business. It’s important to be available on their terms so that a business doesn’t miss a sale. For a better customer experience consider the service of a crm software development company that can fulfill the different business needs. Utilizing the available technology and integrating it with the website keeps customers engaged. IT and marketing has to work together to look at how to merge the website analytics with current marketing information to fully create the customer experience that keeps people coming back to make a purchase.

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