Five Elements Determining a Car Accident Claim’s Value

When you are involved in a car accident, you are likely to suffer injuries that last for months, hefty medical bills, and lost wages. By law, you are entitled to take action against the party responsible and may file a claim for the damages caused.

To help you determine what goes into a car accident settlement, you can hire an experienced car accident injury attorney who can help you obtain reimbursement for all injuries, damages, and losses suffered. What you need to do when a drive hits you? A good lawyer knows the best thing to do when an accident happens and all the possible documents to win this case. However, only a fraction of auto accident cases go to trial because the majority of them are usually settled out of court by the insurers. 

In this article, we look at the possible settlement estimates involved in car accident claims. Here are several factors that can determine what to expect from a car accident settlement.

Which Factors Affect How Much to Expect in Car Accident Claims?

1. The Insurance Coverage 

The type of insurance policy you have will influence the value of your claim. All insured drivers have a standard policy that’s coverage depends on their insurance provider or state of residence. In Texas, for example, a driver is required to have a minimum of $30,000 in insurance to cover bodily injury. The same amount is what you ought to receive from a settlement if the other driver is entirely to blame and your damages reach that amount. You can get a quote for the type of insurance you need at

2. Ability to Prove Liability

The possibility of a successful claim depends on your ability to prove liability. Despite having insurance coverage and other medical benefits, you still need an attorney who can negotiate the best settlement via a third-party insurance policy. You will have to prove that the other driver is entirely at fault, which mostly involves proof of negligence on their part. Then if you are having problems with a DUI situation, then you should contact the professionals like as they will be able to advise.

3. Inability to Resume Work

The amount of income you lose due to an absence from work resulting from the injuries is also included in the car accident settlement. The court should also recognize the degree of injuries you suffered and the possibility of permanent disabilities. Additionally, the injuries you suffer may interfere with your position at work, and how your transfer to another, more manageable position affects your earnings should also be considered. HKM has the best employment attorneys so make sure to check out their website.

4. Amount of Damage to Your Vehicle 

With proof of negligence, the damages sustained by your vehicle will be settled by the damage policy of the driver responsible. This is the case even if you may have other policies to help cover some of the costs.

5. The Cost of Present and Future Medical Expenses 

Some of the injuries caused by an accident can go on to affect your life for years to come. Although it’s common for car accident settlements to cover the victim’s medical expenses, there may be more damages to cover than just present injuries. If you agree to a quick, early settlement without first determining the full extent of your injuries and whether you may be affected in the future, you may not be able to go back for more compensation once those conditions arise.

Your attorney should ensure that you get a complete medical diagnosis that fully estimates any future medical assistance you might require.

Pursuing a Claim Takes Time

As long as you can prove liability, any reasonable damages suffered in relation to the accident should be accounted for in the car accident settlement. Getting compensation takes time and is an arduous process, so it’s best to a let your attorney like those at Aronfeld Trial Lawyers, do the heavy lifting while you work on your recovery.


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