Does Size Really Matter?

Oh, shame on you! I know what you’re thinking. Let’s stay on topic, please. We’re talking about jobs here, something which is of extreme interest to millions of people across the UK. With hundreds of thousands of people still unemployed, the ability to find a decent, well-paying job is of utmost importance to everybody. The question is: where are the jobs located? According to one study that was recently released, size, at least in terms of urban population, does matter. It might come as no surprise to you that in fact London has become the central focus of job creation and appears to be headed that way for the foreseeable future.


London Is Booming

This may not come as a surprise to you, especially if you follow some of the daily news. However, a UK think tank called Centre for Cities did some in-depth research on where jobs are being created across the land and they came up with some fairly interesting statistics. Perhaps it comes as no surprise, but London generates more opportunities than any other city. But perhaps what is surprising is the magnitude by which London separates itself from any other city across the UK. According to the research by Centre for Cities, London creates 10 times more opportunities than the next most prolific city in the UK. Everyone recognizes that London is the epicentre of the UK economy, but perhaps not everyone appreciated the magnitude until now.

Some Cities Are Faring Fairly Well

While the report indicated that for every job created in London in the private sector, two were lost in other cities, there were some places where demand for workers was definitely up. Cities such as Liverpool, Birmingham and Edinburgh have seen the private sector create a significant increase in demand, which has helped offset the losses from the public sector, as national and local governments trim their budgets. Unfortunately, other cities have not been so lucky. Glasgow, Bradford and Blackpool have seen a decline in both private sector opportunities as well as those in the public sector. Fortunately, other cities have picked up some of the slack. Aberdeen, Nottingham and Brighton have all added jobs in the private sector, even while the public sector retrenched.

The Government Lends a Hand

Apart from being a world-class city, London has also benefited from some government programmes that have helped to drive the incredible growth that it has experienced over the last decade. David Clark, the Cities minister, is adamant about providing similar assistance to other cities across the UK. He is extremely confident that the City Deals programme, which started a little less than two years ago, will provide the necessary stimulus for other cities to begin to form a more established employment base. He astutely notes that allowing local governments to attract investment and jobs by playing to their individual strengths will help them to prosper. The Centre for Cities research indicates that from 2010 to 2012, London created almost 300,000 jobs between the public and private sector, which is testament enough to the power of cities to market themselves.

Putting Cities to Work

With these government efforts lending a hand, many cities should start seeing an increase in vacancies. As a result, many people will want to think about starting a recruitment business. Getting expert advice is always a good idea and by leveraging the knowledge of Startupsimply recruitment business, you can find yourself ready to go in a very short time, fully taking advantage of the expected increase in employment opportunities.

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