Common Mistakes When Organizing Trade Show Displays

Even though trade show displays are highly effective, they require a lot of effort in planning. Expo booth creators sometimes make lots of mistakes that may affect the success of a trade show. Some of the most common ones include the following;

  1. Failure to Set a Goal

If you don’t have clear goals, it is impossible to determine the success of your trade show display. Some of the most common goals include; improving your brand awareness, generating sales leads, and introducing new products into the market. Every time you exhibit, you must have a clear and measurable goal.

  1. Poor Booth Staffing

Work with passionate and dedicated members of your staff. If you work with unwilling employees, your exhibition is unlikely to succeed as it will reflect this mood. If visitors notice that they have a bad attitude, they are likely to stay away from your booth altogether. The right members of your staff will create a positive experience and ensure that you succeed.

  1. Failure to Plan

Failing to plan or planning too late can lead to major problems on the date of the event. Start planning for your next trade show as you complete one. If you wait for too long, you are likely to forget the important lessons that you learned from your previous show. Planning early helps you avoid the last-minute rush. If you need some help planning, you can definitely rely on this London Event Company. You can also check out sites likeĀ to find more details.

  1. Poor Lead Management

It is useless to generate leads if you are not going to follow up on them. If you take too long to do it, your potential customers may lose interest or forget about it altogether. Have a solid lead management plan right from the time you start planning your show.

  1. Ineffective Marketing

Certain marketing techniques may be ineffective. Avoid using traditional forms of marketing such as postcards. Social media is the most effective form of marketing. Make it fun and interactive and you will meet your goals. Consider using clever hashtags on Twitter and live streaming on Facebook. Your message will continue to be relevant for a long time after the event.

  1. Poor Use of Graphics

Graphics are a great way to capture the attention of your audience. If you don’t choose them well, it may be difficult to achieve the results you want. If your graphics are too small or poorly lit, it may be difficult to read them. If they are too big or bold, they may be distracting. The right graphics should be just bold enough to capture the attention of visitors, but not overwhelming.

  1. Failure to Budget

If you don’t budget, you may end up spending a lot of money on unimportant things. With trade shows, it is not always possible to plan for everything. You are likely to incur a lot of unexpected expenses. Having a good budget makes it possible to make preparations. Proper budgeting on event structures and hiring the right staff can increase your ROI.

  1. Failure to Plan for Failure

Every good exhibitor must have a plan B. What are you going to do if your members of staff don’t show up? What will happen if you run out of brochures or a member of staff falls ill?

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