Can you claim for light vehicles accidents?

You might have heard somewhere that if you have been through any of heavy motor accidents such as a truck or a bus, you can file a case against them. Some of them have the doubt, that can you go legally against an accident if there was a lite vehicle that caused the accident? Here, we will be clear all your doubts and giving you’re the perfect advice in case of accidents.

Bike accidents

Heavy motor accidents are not common, there are fewer chances that you get hit by a truck when you are in the city. Whereas there might be a few cases where you have met with the car accident or bike accident. Bike accidents are least and even if it does happen there is not more injury seen, therefore in most of the cases they are ignored. However, you can surely file a case against if you have been through any of them but an injury that will occur will be way less and you will not want to waste your money on lawyers for the small bills and the injuries that are caused. So, most often people don’t go legal in the case of bike accidents.

Car accidents

Taking about car accidents, these are the most common accident that you will come across. You might be in your vehicle and got hit by a car especially in Portland. If you have met a car accident, you can contact Portland car accident lawyers and get a free consultation. You will need free consultation because, at the time when there was an accident, you won’t be able to decide properly whose fault it was. If it was your own fault, you can’t file a case against them. So, it is better to get a consultation from a lawyer before going into anything deep. Also, today most of the lawyers offer a free consultation. So, you won’t be wasting a penny and also get free advice on what you can do.

Share Everything with Your Lawyer

When you meet the lawyer and discuss the case, make sure you tell them as accurately as possible about the accident. Tell them about your injury, tell them about the hospital bills, and also tell them how many days you will not be able to go to your work due to the injury. You might be thinking why you should them these things.

This is because you can get all of this money from the person that hit you. Yes, you can also get all the salaries and the wages that you have lost because you were not present at your work. This will only apply if there were proper reasons and for that, you were not able to go to work. Portland car accident lawyers will be able to tell you all about this in details.

Ask them everything that you need to know and don’t forget the small bills that you paid in the hospital. Most of the people don’t; count small bills as the amount is small. However, you should count them.


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