Avoid This Common Email Sending Error

I’ve been working as a Pardot consultant for around four years, and if I’ve noticed one thing it’s that Pardot has a lot of quirks. This certainly isn’t uncommon for a piece of software as robust as Pardot, but that doesn’t make navigating the different errors and roadblocks any easier. In this post I’m going to focus on a pesky error you may have seen from time to time when it comes to scheduling out emails if you don’t already have automation solutions helping you out.


When it comes to sending emails in Pardot, you have four options as far as who the sender of that email will be.


  • General User
  • Specific User
  • Assigned User
  • Account Owner


The first two options are pretty self explanatory, where you can choose either a general user (anyone or anything) or a specific user (a user that exists in your Pardot instance).


The last two options are where some people run into confusion – Assigned User and Account Owner. These two sending options are what I’m going to focus on in today’s blog post.


To read more about the specifics of the different sending options in Pardot, click here.


Avoid the Errors


If you choose the email’s sender as either Assigned User or Account owner and try to publish it, you’re going to receive the error below:


Fortunately for you, the error message is fairly explanatory and should be an easy fix, but let’s talk about why we’re receiving it in the first place.


While Pardot is very ‘smart’ in a lot of areas, this is not one of them. If you have a list of 100 prospects, and 99 of them have an assigned user, what would happen if we tried to send this email on behalf of the assigned user? Well, you’d get the big red error message you see above. This is because there is a prospect on that list that does not have an assigned user. The same would ring true if you chose to send the email on behalf of the Account Owner and there was a prospect on your mailing list that did not have an Account Owner.


While the error message can be frustrating, it’s fortunate Pardot brings it up so we don’t miss anyone when we’re sending the email. It’s also fortunate that the fix is very quick and easy. To avoid the red error message above, when choosing either the Account Owner or Assigned User as the sender, Pardot will have you choose a secondary sender of either General User or Specific User. To do this simply click the ‘+’ symbol. This will give you an additional picklist where you can then select either General User or Specific User. This will get rid of that obnoxious red error message and will allow you to save and/or send your email, guaranteeing that everyone on the list will have an email sent to them.


If you need help navigating any of Pardot’s many quirks, let the Pardot consultants at Invado Solutions help!

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