Are chavs the cause of plummeting house prices in Chester?

Potential home owners in the United Kingdom have been faced with a host of problems in recent years. Those looking to take their first step up that fabled ‘property ladder’ have, among other things of course, been faced perhaps most fiercely with some of the toughest economic circumstances seen for several generations in which to take the plunge that is purchasing their first property.

Fear not however, as we can draw one comfort from this unfortunate blemish (or perhaps blush?) on the face of our times. Namely, that most of the afflicted referred to in my opening paragraph are in fact young people, and, as we all rightly know, young people are far less downtrodden by such issues.

One thing that those generations a little less experienced aren’t exempt from however, is criminal activity. And given that criminal activity and the prospect of buying your first home are seemingly becoming far more related these days, I for one feel there’s a point to be made here…somewhere.

In this post (and the next) we’ll explore what exactly is meant by the term ‘criminal activity’, which to be quite fair, does have a rather vast definitional spectrum to it.

Whilst people are (without sounding like the massive pessimist I am) at risk to crime a fair percentage of the time, conceivably the most unwelcome place for any form of exposure is in/around one’s own home. Unfortunate then that residential areas in the UK, from Chelsea to Chester, are commonly targeted by criminals and lawbreakers of particular stylistic leanings.

For now let’s focus only on the latter of these equally attractive English gems and take a look at the most common offence’s to take place in Chester year on year.

Anti-Social Behaviour

Anti-social behaviour, or ASB as its known by some unfortunate souls a little more acquainted, is, by its very definition, an extremely common issue when it comes to lots of human beings all living in close proximity. Whilst there is no precise definition for the term (sorry if I was misleading back there), Citizens Advice declare it to be related to the likes of excessive noise, intimidating behaviour, verbal abuse, fighting and you get the picture. As could be expected, ASB ranks as the most commonly occurring criminal issue in most residential areas of Chester, not to mention the rest of the county/country/continent/world.


A crime surely as ancient as humankind itself, burglary is an act personified by the physical act of unlawfully (or unethically, depending on your stance on such things) entering a building, abode or premises with unlawful intent- in most cases theft. Very common in residential areas world-over, particularly those with a more destitute population, it is understandably an issue of concern for those seeking to buy a permanent home. In most areas of Chester, burglary ranks as one of the more commonly reported crimes.

Criminal Damage

Criminal damage law in the United Kingdom is centred mostly upon the proper protection of both privately and publicly owned property. Encapsulating a range of acts far too expansive to list here and now, any deed that causes damage or defacement to a property without any lawful excuse can more or less be defined as criminal damage. Given that residential areas are so full of a) people and b) damageable property- occurrences of this kind remain common.


Now that we’ve covered the three main offences happening in Chester’s residential areas, and in quite a ridiculous amount of acute and well-versed detail at that, it only makes sense we do it all again sometime very soon, wouldn’t you agree? Visit the site for more information.

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