5 steps to reducing your office management costs

In today’s recovering economy, controlling expenditure is an essential part of running a successful office and any effort to curb unnecessary costs can get you onto the path to productivity and profitability.

Read on to discover five ways to can reduce your office expenses and save yourself a heap of cash year-on-year…

1. Go paperless

Despite our increasingly eco-conscious ways filtering into every part of our living and working life, it actually pays to go paperless! Whilst adopting paperless practice may take some time to implement, the long term savings that reducing paper flow can incur are well worth the effort.

2. Streamline operations

Pinpointing and implementing a more efficient way of working can make or break the profitability, especially for those just starting out. Getting your operations and payroll reconciliations right is a procedure that requires a fine tooth comb and can take some time to perfect. Taking time to test your administrative procedures from the ground upwards in terms of computing and storage can cut costs dramatically.

Utilising cloud services to manage computing and storage is a viable option when cutting costs and streamlining operations.

3. Reduce travel

By simply reducing the travel costs and phone usage, you can save big bucks in business, however, what effect will this have on everyday business? By utilising VOIP services such as cloud pbx or even Skype and other video conferencing solutions, you can keep your staff in one place and complete transactions to the highest standard without breaking the bank.

4. Revise your recruitment strategy

Recruiting new staff members can account for a major part of your budget and whilst it is important to invest in new talent to propel your office forward, it is also vital to recruit and manage cost effectively. Hiring temporary staff using a Temporary Job Staffing Service for support roles can improve profitability ten-fold as this eliminates the overheads associated with the employment of permanent employees. You can also save money by partnering with a recruiting company that does almost all the work for you, for instance these customer service center job recruiters get you only the best prospect employees and are really cheap.

5. Outsource for long term success

Outsourcing certain operations within your business may seem like an odd approach if you are looking to cut costs in the short term, however, according to a recent study finding an outsource partner for some front and back office services, such as payroll service or maintenance and commercial cleaning, can cut costs by as much as 30% over a 3 to 5 year period and improve the scalability of any business overall. Hire a janitorial service company that has good reviews to ensure you’ll be getting your money’s worth for their services.

The author of this post is Brittany Thorley from UK Commercial Cleaning, a company who help many organisations to streamline their office management costs through outsourced services such as carpet cleaning, daily contracts and full building maintenance.


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